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Is the property mortgaged?

When a property is the subject of a bank loan or mortgage, you will usually be required to obtain permission from the lender before the property can be let and the tenant moves in. We strongly advise that you apply for this before the tenancy agreement is signed, in case the lender asks for special conditions to be included in the Tenancy Agreement. No changes can be made once both parties have signed the Tenancy Agreement. When you sign the contract with us, you are confirming that you have the right to instruct us to let the property. The tenant(s) may also ask to see written confirmation that the lender has consented to the letting.

Are you the leaseholder?

If you lease the property and wish to sub-let, you should check if this is allowed under the head or superior lease and whether you need specific permission. Permission needs to be granted before the tenancy agreement is signed and the tenant moves in, as they may ask to see evidence of formal consent.

If there are any agreements or restrictions in the head or superior lease that will impact your tenant, you must provide us with a copy of the relevant documents so we can attach them to the Tenancy Agreement before the tenant moves in. Otherwise you will not be able to enforce any obligations of the head or superior lease on the tenant and if you try to do this, you may be in breach of the lease terms.

You are responsible for any fees charged for seeking consent to let the property, or copies of the head or superior lease.

Are the property and its contents adequately covered by insurance?

You will need to tell your contents insurance company that the property is let and get their agreement to extend cover for the property and its contents take account of a change occupancy. Otherwise the policy may be invalid. We need to know about any conditions imposed by your insurer so that we can include them in the tenancy agreement before it is signed. You will not be able to impose conditions afterwards, especially in relation to vacant property, If you try to do so, this could breach the terms of the policy and make any claims void.

Should you change the locks?

If keys have been lost or cannot be accounted for, we strongly recommend that you change the locks before the new tenant moves in. In fact it is a good idea to change locks each time the property is let. We are not liable for lost or missing keys unless we, or any of our employees, are found to have been negligent.

Will you still be getting mail after the tenant moves in?

We are not responsible for forwarding any mail that you receive at the property while a tenant lives there, so we suggest you arrange for the Post Office to redirect it.

You will be required to fund any courier charges that we incur in preparing the tenancy agreement or during the tenancy.

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